Majority of fights in marriage are because of wedding debt – Rev Eastwood Anaba

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Rev Eastwood Anaba, head of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, claims current marital problems are due to debt accrued after expensive weddings.

Young people, he claims, perceive marriage as a ritual rather than a personal bond.

This leads to a rift between the couple while they strive to pay off their debt, which might take years.

Regarding marriage, Eastwood Anaba feels a solid friendship is more valuable than money.

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The Preacher pointed out that nowhere in the Bible does it indicate that you must have a 24 carat gold ring and a bridal gown before you may marry.

So he advised people not to waste money and get indebted after their weddings.

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“Don’t wait for money to marry. Some of you are wasting time marrying because you are waiting for money. You don’t even get married. Marriage is a partnership, not a ring. If you’re getting married and can’t afford 24 carat gold, opt for copper that looks like gold.

“Getting 24 gold and then owning 24 karats is pointless. The ring is not marriage. Show me where in the Bible it says you must have a gold ring, cut a high cake, and wear a bridal gown to marry. Many things are optional. There are things I don’t know how to do. “I can’t bless a wedding because I’ve never done it,” he informed his audience.

To illustrate, the Preacher said that on his wedding day, he spoke in church, then healed the sick before his marriage was blessed.

“That day I spoke and after that I lay hands on the ill and prayed for them, then I put on my coat, my wife was also wearing a skirt suit, and they invited us forward to pray and bless our marriage. A wedding will cost a lot of money. How will you pay? It will promote marital strife.”

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