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Make Harem Pants Work for You
There is no question about the universality of the classic denim jeans. It is worn by everybody in every imaginable venue and occasion. But there comes a time when you just want to look a bit different. Enter the harem pants that made a reincarnation and had actually stayed longer in the fashion scene than some other trendy pieces. If you’re a 33464chic fashionista and you haven’t got a pair yet, it is time to check these out.

The Harem Pants Look and Diversity

Wearers swear by its wear ability; it creates a summery fun look, which is not hard to appreciate considering the airy lightness of the loose fit. Fans claim that they are even good to wear during the colder months. Now isn’t that extreme? It just makes clearer why these bottoms are staying longer in the fashion scene.

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Harem pants aren’t really new, they just got more interesting. These days you can see them in solid colors, geometric patterns and various kinds of prints. They are made in cotton, linen or silk, and cropped, full length and anywhere in between.

Tips to Make Harem Pants Look Work for You

You either like these pants or you don’t, depending on how you find them – awesome or bizarre. Believe it though, that these bottoms, when worn fittingly, can be so fashionable it has the straight-from-the-runway look. Hits and misses are inevitable with harem pants; here are a few tips to steer you towards an awesome look.

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• The loose fit calls for a more fitted top. Many fashion rules claim this to be the “Rule of Thumb.” That’s easy with tank or cropped tops; it gets more complicated when you are tempted to wear a new or a favorite top that’s a bit loose. In this case, tuck it in. Don’t be surprised, however, when more and more dressy people are showing with loose tops with these loose bottoms; breaking the rule is becoming a trend in the runway. It may be harder to look good in this though, particularly when you are a bit overweight.

• Pick the right footwear for the right effect. Once again, certain stylists would say that these pants must be worn with heels; that instantly transforms you to look chic and sophisticated. If that look is not you, by all means go for your preferred footwear. Just remember that your choice is critical in creating a particular look. You want to appear like a lazy bum, go and wear flip-flops. If you want to look edgy, don a pair of boots with cropped harem pants. Wear ballerina or strappy flats when you want comfort and sweet appeal.

• Accessorize to complete the look. To add élan or sex appeal to your garb, add accessories to make your simple top come to life – a signature necklace or a few bangles and drop earrings. You can also don a sequin jacket that is dressed down a bit with a harem pants to match. This will put your overly dressy sequined jacket a casual touch.

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For more selections, check out harem pants online and other signature pants that are screaming style and chic. Camilla pants make a killer summer collection. Check out this online shop and understand why owning at least a pair is a must.

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