Make money and forget about relationship- Man says after he slept with lady who was going to see her boyfriend 

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A man has suggested modern relationship is a facade devoid of any emotional attachment after he managed to sleep with a lady in a fancy hotel.

He had claimed this woman was going to meet her man but managed to get into her pants without any stress.

The Nigerian man who shielded his identity said he was driving in his car from Ilesha in Osun state to Akure in Ondo State when he saw a lady and decided to give her a ride.

The lady, a corps member was heading to Ifon in Osun state, which she revealed she was going to visit her fiance. He managed to propose to her and somehow, they agreed to have sex instantly.

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They ended up in a hotel and this lady switched off her phone to avoid scrutiny from her boyfriend while having intimacy with this total stranger.

Read his story.

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Well, I’m anonymous already.

“I was driving from Ilesha to Akure last week and I gave a lady I saw by the roadside a lift. She was heading to lfon to meet her fiance/bf. She’s a corp member.

Well, I convinced her to stay with me for a night in Akure. We lodged in a nice hotel and fucked till the next day. Babe switched off her phone o.

Omo! Guys should just make money and enjoy life. This dating/relationship of a thing isn’t it at all.”

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