“Make sure you achieve more in life before you hit 30years” – Kafui Danku advises Ghanaians below 30

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kafui danku

Growing up in most Ghanaian communities, boys and girls were advised and inspired to believe in the cliché “Life begins at 40“, therefore it’s needless to rush to achieve more in life before hitting the above-mentioned year tag.

But someway somehow and taking into consideration the rate at which money has become the most sought after commodity in the affairs of men especially in the church, one needs to rethink and re-strategise.

So, it’s no surprise that actress cum philanthropist, Kafui Danku  has advised Ghanaian youths to do whatever humanly possible to achieve more greatness perhaps in the area of finance before hitting 30 years for obvious reasons.

Taking to her Instagram page, the enlightened actress who’s in her 30s and riding on her life experiences so far penned that; “I know I’m so blessed, infact I’m a walking GRATITUDE list ! But this 30’s is beginning to get a little scary 🤔Let me share this with you : it’s so easy to be lazy when you think you’re young ; a little over 10 years ago, I wouldn’t feel a pinch of guilt if I slept 20 hrs a day, I was reluctant to taking advantage of all the hours in a day, I was so content when I should actually be up and cracking….

The small positive results from my little efforts made me felt so cool 😁, but these days I can’t even sleep in ; the moment I realised it’s morning and I’m still in bed the way my heart skips is not funny at all, so if you’re reading this in your twenties, this is a wake up call for you to be up and cracking… make a “hit” before 30, I guess you know what I mean 😉 and come thank me later with only 20% 😁. Don’t be discouraged if you’re above 30 and feel like most goals haven’t been met yet , I’m reminding you that at any given moment of the journey, you have the power to say: this is not how the story is suppose to end ! Cheers 🥂to life and more blessings”😘

See screenshot below:

Kafui Danku inspires those below 30years

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