Making Your Own Money As A Woman Saves You From Sleeping Around – Lady Says

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Today’s relationship has become a full time job for most ladies especially those who refuse to work. They will start depending on the guy so much that it forces some men to quit the relationship even if he didn’t want to.

This has lead men to generalise that all ladies like money. But then again who doesn’t like money? Let’s go back to the point which is about ladies and money.

Well in a post sighted by, a lady by name Agudie Nkunim has advised her fellow women to work hard and stop depending on men.

According to her, since most men give ladies money in exchange of sex, it will be more prudent for ladies to work hard and make their own money rather than depend on the scraps from men.

She advised them to find some work to do instead of always asking for money. Especially in this era where there is no free lunch. Every output must bring an input. This is the new law of nature.

She emphasized that having your own money as a woman saves you from unnecessary sex because you will be able to have sex when you want not because you need money.

See her post below;

🔥‘ "I Won’t let My Boyfriend Into My Apartment Because He Didn’t Pay For The Rent" 😥 😥 👇 👇

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