Mallorca Lee Net Worth: How Much Was He Worth?

Weeks after revealing his terminal cancer diagnosis, the Ultra Sonic star has sadly died. Before his death, what was Mallorca Lee’s net worth? How much was he worth?

In this article, we will delve into the details of his wealth. His sudden death has shocked everyone. With a lot of things about him becoming topical over the past few days, a lot of people want to know how much money he made in his career before his sad death.

In addition to Mallorca Lee’s net worth, we will also get to know more about his life and the details of his sad death.

Who Was Mallorca Lee?

Before we learn more about Mallorca Lee’s net worth, let’s learn more about his life and career exploits.

Mallorca Lee was a Scottish DJ, producer, and podcaster. Born and raised in Scotland, Mallorca Lee has been a prominent player in the sophisticated dance scene since 1989.

His impact goes well beyond his solo endeavors; he left a lasting impression on venerable bands like Ultra-Sonic, Public Domain, and The Warp Bros.

Over four million recordings have been sold worldwide, and Lee has performed at iconic locations including the Ministry of Sound, Creamfields, and Gatecrasher.

With a successful career as a DJ, musician, artist, promoter, and podcaster, Mallorca Lee’s net worth must be quite a lot. How much money has he made over the years?

We will get to find out as this article continues. His passing has created a vacuum in the music business, especially in the hard dance scene, where he was a well-known personality for more than thirty years.

The Death of Mallorca Lee

Mallorca Lee Death, Cause, Obituary, Funeral
Mallorca Lee

Before we delve into the details of Mallorca Lee’s net worth, let’s learn more about his death.

Mallorca Lee’s death represents a sad moment. DJ KID broke the heartbreaking news of his death to his followers via a social media post.

His Facebook post read: “It is with tremendous sadness that I announce the sad passing on Sunday afternoon of legendary Scottish DJ, producer, and long-time friend Mallorca Lee, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer just 4 weeks ago. He was 51.

“During this incredibly upsetting time, my deepest sympathy goes out to Maria Mallorca’s wife, his children Angel and Oceano, and his extended family and friends.

“You will be deeply missed, brother, but your energy and legacy will live on.”

Mallorca Lee’s family confirmed the news by posting simply, “We love you infinity, goodbye, and safe trip.”

His death happened after he revealed to his fan base that, following the devastating news, he might only have a “matter of months” remaining.

Mallorca Lee revealed his diagnosis to fans on Facebook last month, saying, “The doctor said it could be a matter of months.”

He added, “Love, that’s all we ever really have, our one true currency, so tell the ones around you what they mean to you, every day.”

Mallorca Lee Net Worth: How Much Was He Worth?

It has become difficult to establish what Mallorca Lee’s net worth is, but according to sources, he was worth $1 million.

Mallorca Lee, a multifaceted personality in the electronic dance music world, has made a name for himself as a DJ, performer, artist, promoter, and podcaster.

His income comes from a variety of sources, which reflects the range of jobs he does.

He would have gotten a large percentage of his revenue from live gigs as a DJ.


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