Mama Cax husband: Did Mama Cax got married?

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Mama Cax was a Haitian American model, disability advocate, and blogger born on November 20th, 1989.

The model started advocating for people with disability because she was one as she lost her leg at the age of 14 to cancer and was fitted with a prosthetic.

Mama Cax was born to her parents, Marie Vilus (mother) and Cacsman Brutus (father). The names of the late Mama Cax parents are the only things known about them as there’s not much information about them

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Although she was a physical challenge but it didn’t back her down from pursuing her career as a model hence she attained stardom as on social for her confidence and representation of people with disabilities.

Mama Cax achieved huge success in her life because of her career as a model and blogger. She gave speeches and participated in panels but she remained humble and was very dedicated to her mission.

Mama Cax, who was a Haitian- American model, blogger, and disability advocate was not known to have children.

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At the time of her there wasn’t any information about being in a relationship that has resulted in childbirth

Did Mama Cax have a husband?

The Haitian-American model, disability advocate, and blogger, Mama Cax didn’t have a husband as she wasn’t married at the time of her death


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