Mamadol, Everything You Need To Know About The Korean Girl Group

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Mamadol abbreviated as MMD is a South Korean entertainment comeback girl group of 6 members under CJENM of moms who were famous but had to vacate the entertainment scene due to childbirth and child care. The famous Korean group was formed through the TvN reality television show titled Mama the Idol.

Before the members of the group could come together as a team, the team of 6 had to accumulate about 2,000 fan club members and about 20,000 followers across their social media platforms while they also go through various dance and vocal performance missions to prove their worth.

The members of the groups are; Sunye (ex-Wonder Girls), Kahi (ex-After School), Jungah (ex-Jewelry), Yang Eunji (ex-Baby V.O.X Re.V), Byul (soloist) and Hyun Jyuni (actress). They made their debut on 27th January with their popular hit song WooAh Hip.

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Mamadol History

Mamadol Group: Kahi, Junga, Byul, Yang Eunji, Hyun Jyuni, Sunye

The first episode of Mama The Idol was aired on TvN on 10th December, 2021. According to reports, the show was marked the return of some Korean idols who are now mothers. On the broadcast of Mama The Idol on 24th December, members of the group competed for the position of the main dancer to lead the group. At the end of the contest, Kahi and Hyun Jyuni were announced as the main dancers of the team.

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On14th January in 2022, the members again, battled for the position of the main vocalist and Sunye won that position. Fast forward to 28th January, the Korean group, Mamadol released their debut single titled Mama The Idol.

On the same day, it was revealed that Junga was voted to be the leader of the group. According to reliable sources, Mamadol disbanded on 4th February after airing the 8th and final episode of the show.


Mamadol Members

The famous South Korean entertainment girl group is made up of six beautiful women who are mothers. They made their debut on 28th January, 2022 and disbanded on 4th February, 2022. The names of the group members are Kahi, Junga, Byul, Yang Eunji, Hyun Jyuni, and Sunye.

Mamadol Show

Mamadol was also known as MMD, Eommaneun Aidol, Mama Is An Idol or Mom Is An Idol. It originated in South Korea and is a television show with about 8 episodes in total. Mama Is Idol was first aired on 10th December, 2021 and last aired on 4th February, 2022 on TvN. It has a duration of 1hr and 36mins.

Mamadol Instagram

When Did Mamadol Debut?

The famous six-member Korean group made their debut on 28th January, 2022 and disbanded on 4th February, 2022. The group had a total of 6 beautiful women who were already mothers. Their names are Kahi, Junga, Byul, Yang Eunji, Hyun Jyuni, and Sunye.

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Did Mamadol Disband?

Yes. The entertainment girl group disbanded on the 4th of February, 2022 after they had aired the eighth and final episode of the television show.

Mamadol Profile

Group Name: Mamadol

Also Known As: MMD

Origin: South Korea

Genre: Dance

Debut: January 28, 2022

Disbanded: February 4, 2022

Years Active: 2021–2022

Members: Kahi, Junga, Byul, Yang Eunji, Hyun Jyuni, Sunye



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