Man, 54, Says Drinking His Own Urine Has Helped Him To Lose Weight And Become Healthier

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I quite remember the theory of this urine-drinking was propagated by a one local herbalist on some of the Twi speaking radio stations in Ghana years back. However as conservative as we are, we thought he was only brainwashing us.

Of course there has been no scientific evidence to substantiate this claim but for Dave Murphy who lives in Essex, UK drinking his own urine has been a big deal for him. The 54-year old man has been preforming this ritual for the last six years.

Throwing more light on his routine concerning his ‘urine therapy’  Murphy said urine has helped him to lose eight stone, and keeps him in tip-top health. “After drinking my urine, I feel healthier and fitter than I’ve ever done before and I’ve lost eight stone (112 pounds) in weight,” said Murphy, a father of two adult children. Since drinking his first glass of pee, Murphy said he’s noticed a lot of improvements.

Besides the weight loss, Murphy said he has a lot more energy and his bowel movements have improved. The man also claims he’s saved money on food costs because of all the urine he’s consumed. He’s also used his own pee as a moisturizer and face wash. Murphy said pee is also an anti-aging agent. “Urine is a cure-for-all. If people could just change their mentality and preconceptions about this therapy, then anyone can feel the huge benefits,” he said.

What do you think? Will you drink your own pee if that is the only remedy to your ailment? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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