Man and his former wife end up in hospital after he set her ablaze for leaving him and she grabbed him while on fire

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A man who thought he could eat his cake and still have it has ended up in the hospital together with his estranged wife after she set her ablaze.

The unidentified couple has reportedly been hospitalized in Abule Otun, Akute area of Ogun State after they sustained severe burnt injuries from a fire started by the jealous man.

A social media user revealed that the woman, unable to withstand the perpetual abuse from her husband decided to leave him and move on with his life.

She, therefore, moved out of her matrimonial home into a new apartment. Her husband was said to have stormed her new apartment where he doused her with petrol and set her ablaze.

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She, however, grabbed him and they both got burned. Owing to site policy, we cannot share the graphic images here.

In unrelated news, a proud man has stated in a tweet that he prefers to taste death than to be at the mercy of a woman.

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Recounting his experience as a broke person and the difficulty he went through, the man said at the moment he won’t allow a woman to put him through such a horrible situation.

He shared his sad story saying;

His story reads: “Hey, this tweet is the truth, some of us can’t tweet publicly. “I have been married for over 5yrs, and we currently live abroad. “2yrs into the marriage, we moved abroad, enrolled for a one year msc, she had to support the family, while I baby-sat our young one “I suffered ooo, she would say, I go to work to feed your sorry ass, and pay your bills, you still want to have sex with me.

“She wasn’t paying for rent, gas, energy nor feeding, we had it sorted for a period, just little expenses.

“This was someone that in Naija I took care of everything, once I am paid at work, I transfer the entire salary to her account, I only take out money for fuel for the month. Read more here

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