Man arrested in Parliament for screaming ‘Drop That Chamber’ (Video)

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Ernesto Yeboah of the Convention People Party (CPP) has been arrested on the premises of Parliament of Ghana for screaming ‘Drop That Chamber’.

The incident occurred today in the Chamber of Parliament. Three people, Ernesto inclusive begun shouting ‘drop that chamber’ in the middle of an ongoing parliamentary sitting attracting the attention of MPs.

‘Drop That Chamber’ is a hashtag coined by Ghanaians to protest the government’s decision to build a $200 new chamber for Parliament.

From the video, the security personnel at the Parliament House had to struggle with Ernesto Yeboah before they could arrest him.

See the video below:

Ernesto who was whisked away to the nearest Police station for questioning and two other people are currently in the custody of the Parliamentary Protection Unit after their arrest during picketing over the government’s plans to construct a new Parliament complex despite several calls to halt the project.

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