Man breaks down at work after spending over ₵38,000 to train his girlfriend at school only for her to break up with him 2 months before her graduation

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A man broke down at his workplace while recounting to his colleagues how his girlfriend broke up with him despite all that he invested into the relationship. 

The Kenyan man mentioned the name of the girl as Phoebe and revealed he has spent over ₵38,000 (the equivalent of their local currency) to educate her in school only for her to serve her ‘breakfast’ when he. least expected it. 

He claimed that she broke up with him just two months before her graduation after spending 620,000 shillings training her in school.

He was seen in the video telling ‘sympathisers’ thus;

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“This woman decides to eat my money when it’s only two months to her graduation (cries). She ate my money, she ate 620,000 . In 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, Phoebe ate my money.”

Similarly, a young lady decided to end it all unimaginably shortly after her boyfriend dumped her, mildly referred to as ‘breakfast.’

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Amidst uncontrollable tears, the lady stormed a busy road and lied down- waiting to be run over by a vehicle. It was established by netizens that her boyfriend ditched her when she least expected it in Enugu.

The emotional report of the lady attempting suicide reportedly happened at Ogui road on Monday, 4th of July where concerned witnesses stepped in and whisked her away to safety.

They also consoled her and asked her to move since it was not the end of the world.

Instablog9ja shared the video on Instagram but insisted they could not post the full video owing to IG guidelines.

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