Man breaks lady’s phone screen after she refused to give him her number

A man reportedly became enraged after a young lady, known as @Mimee_ilo, declined to share her phone number with him and went ahead to push her to the ground, resulting in damage to her phone.

In a post on her Twitter page, she recounted the incident and expressed her determination to stand her ground. Regrettably, the man reacted poorly to her refusal and forcefully pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground.

As a result, her phone’s screen broke upon impact with the surface.

She said, “Today I stood my ground and refused to give a man my number. Anyway, I now have a broken Samsung screen😭 pushed me, I fell, my phone hit the ground and the screen cracked The thing is I always give out my number, no matter who is asking, I was just not in the mood last night; I was tired and I decided I didn’t want to.”

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@wavyol said: “So sorry, same thing almost happened yesterday he asked for my number i refused , he looked me straight in the eyes and said it won’t end well for you o ah I had to enter into a keke when I could trek I wish I was lying”

@levyngrey condoled: “I’m so sorry this happened to you”

@King_folake shared: “Stood my ground at Ebeano once and it was so horrific. They left me alone at first then saw me again later.

Three huge men cornered me and kept asking And didn’t let me go. They didn’t realize they made me so scared. That was the last time I ever stood my ground.”


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