Man cancels wedding after his bestie told him that his fiancée is a slay queen

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A Nigerian man was forced to cancel his wedding after his bestie told him that the woman he’s about to spend the rest of his life with is actually a slay queen. 

The friend of the unidentified man whose Twitter handle read Okoye Cardinal narrated how he stopped his guy from committing the blunder after he sent him irrefutable evidence to back his claim.

He mentioned that he sent two videos of the girl twerking in a club, which was enough for the man to pull the plugs. Apparently, he had thought she was a God-fearing and naive woman who is not of the ‘world.’

He wrote; “My guy who resides in the UK sent me a pic of our town gal he wants to marry, he praises the girl as God fearing, coincidentally the girl is on my contact list & I view her statues… I just sent d guy only 2 videos of the girl twerking etc in clubs.. d marriage is cancelled shaa”

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