Man Collapsed After Busting Fiancée At A Brothel, Calls Off Wedding As He Can’t Handle Her ‘Ashawo’ As Side Hustle

A tweep has narrated a story about how a man called off his wedding plans with a lady he dated for four years after discovering the lady’s side hustle.

The tweep explained that the man’s cousin informed about the kind of work his wife to be was doing after attending a wedding ceremony in Benin, Edo State.

The wedding was said to be taking place opposite a brothel and upon sighting the lady he called the man and told him about what he just saw as his fiancée was inside a brothel.

The man, however, went straight into a car and traveled down to Benin and after seeing the fiancée he collapsed as he was shocked seeing her hustling in the brothel.

According to the tweep who made this known on popular microblogging site, Twitter, he called off marriage after waking up from the shock.

Read the post below…

”A man caught his fiancée hustling in a brothel. The man’s cousin went to a wedding ceremony in Benin, Edo State and the wedding was taking place opposite a brothel.

On sighting the lady, he called the groom-to-be that he just saw his fiancée inside a brothel.

He initially doubted him and said his girlfriend told him he was in her aunt’s place in Lagos managing her drink shop, as the aunt traveled like she always tell him.

Without hesitation, he told him to travel down to Benin to see for himself. Mr man travelled from Benin, that same day, the cousin and him wore face caps and entered the brothel.

Lol and behold he saw his fiancée, that they had dated for 4years in ashawo dress, coming out with a man… And she was looking for another man when the groom called her by her name.

She immediately collapsed after seeing her fiancé in the place she was hustling. Long story short, the marriage has been called off.”


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