Man cries out as his ex-wife threatens to k!ll his pregnant girlfriend

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A Nigerian man has taken to the digital space to seek advice over how his ex-wife is planning to do his girlfriend who is pregnant for him.

The man who made this known on Nairaland with the username as Uniqu357 noted that the malicious plans of his ex-wife towards his girlfriend are making him worried.

He explained that the ex-wife left him with their two children when he lost everything and also blocked every channel of contacting her hence it became difficult to reach out to his children.

He however stated that his brother-in-law helped him to bounce back and currently having his girlfriend pregnant and also making preparation to settle down with her soon.

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Well, since he bounced back, his ex-wife is sending his girlfriend threat and nasty messages to her.

Narrating the issue he said, ”
“My wife left me when I lost everything. She took our two children with her and has blocked me everywhere. I couldn’t reach her to speak with my children. I have tried reaching her parents to no avail.

But now that things are going well for me, my brother in law lifted me and I am back to business and I have a girlfriend we are getting married next year march by God’s grace.

Now my ex is back in the picture making life difficult for my girlfriend. She is blackmailing her and bombarding her with nasty messages to the extend of humiliating her in public, calling her all sorts of names like husband snatcher etc. I am angry with her because she has left me when I needed her the most and this girlfriend stood by me with my poor conditions and now she wants to play victim and putting the blame on my girl.

I want to arrest her and let her rot in jail but on the other side I don’t want to do it for the sake of our children who are 10 years and 7 years. I want to deal with her in a calm way because there are children involved . What do you think I should do?”

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