Man divorces wife of 19 years because she’s not prayerful

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Lukman Abdulaziz, a man, recently filed for divorce from his wife Rashidat after 19 years of marriage on the grounds that she disliked praying.

In an appearance before a Grade I Area Court in Kubwa, Federal Capital Territory, the husband stated that, among other irreconcilable disagreements, he was divorcing her.

He claimed that by means of an Islamic edict, he had already divorced her, and he was asking the court to follow suit.

Additionally, Abdulaziz claimed that his wife disliked his relatives, particularly his mother. He claimed that he invited her to accompany him to the village so that she could talk to his mother about some problems, but she declined.

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“She does not observe her daily prayers and does not like my family members. I asked her to follow me to the village so that we can resolve issues on why she dislikes my mother and she refused.

“I pronounced divorce to her on June 6 and she has observed her iddah. I am no longer interested in the marriage and have informed her parents,” Abdulaziz told the court.

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In her response, Rashidat told the court that her husband had informed her on 27th of August, that he had not been making love to her for the past three months because he wanted a divorce.

She added; “He said he would fend for our four children but wanted me to leave his house because he wanted to sell it.

“I told him the house belongs to my children because I built the house with him, it is not his house”.

After obtaining the marriage’s annulment in line with Muslim law, Abdulaziz asked the court to affirm the divorce of his wife.

Abdulaziz offered prayers, and then the sitting Judge, Muhammad Adamu, declared the marriage null and void.

According to Adamu, a man in Islam has the right to divorce his wife for any reasons he deems sufficient.

However, Rashidat stated in court that she had observed her “Iddah” in her statement, the judge added.

He informed them that Rashidat was no longer Abdulaziz’s wife and urged them to set aside some time to talk about raising their four children.

Adamu informed the couple that they will receive a divorce certificate from the court.


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