Man Drives G-Wagon To Work As A Silent Warning To Colleagues Not To Turn Him Into An Errand Boy

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A Nigerian man who did not want to be turned into an errand boy at his workplace decided to drive his G-wagon to the workplace as a silent warning to them.

It is usual for bosses or other senior workers at workplaces to send the supposed junior ones to get them one thing or the other.

To show them that he was not ordinary and that he has gone past the errand boy stage, he decided to drive his G-wagon to work.

According to the man, named Okala Mmuo, a senior lady at work decided to send him to go get her some food, he didn’t like it anyway but he went ahead to get her what she sent for as he couldn’t refuse.

To avoid a repetition of that, he found it wise to give the senior lady and other colleagues a silent warning that he has gone past that level.

He thereby decided to drive his exotic vehicle to work, something he hasn’t been doing, he just did that to warn his colleagues silently.

“last place I worked, some senior lady sent me to buy her food. next day, I drove a G-wagon to work as a silent warning,” he wrote on Twitter.

What a way to prove to people that you’re not one they should be sending around.

Africa has a problem of looking down on people based on their appearance, and to silence them, you just need to show them what you’ve got and that is exactly what Okala Mmuo has done.

No one in the office, I suspect, will now look him in the eye and send him.

But was he right to have done that? Is it the right thing to do?

In Africa, where we take the elderly very serious and offer them the respect they require, what a young man owns should not elevate him over the elderly persons no matter how poor they are.

But the trend seems to be changing as people accord a rich toddler more respect than they do an old retched, poor man, excuse the language.

It is unfortunate but that is what our world has turned into.

See Okala Mmuo’s Twitter post below;


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