Man dumps girlfriend because she joined him to smoke weed

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A Nigerian man has broken up with his lover because she smokes and had the temerity to join him recently to smoke weed, what is colloquially called Igbo in Nigeria.

After four years of dating, he ended things with her, claiming he was ready to settle down and that she had a problem with smoking.

In a WhatsApp voice message that leaked online, the couple was debating whether or not to call it quits.

She recalled that she was smoking when they first met at a club, and he had responded that he didn’t mind since he liked her the way she was.

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He also admitted to buying the marijuana for her to smoke, so the woman is perplexed why he is now the one criticizing her for smoking now that he’s prepared to tie the knot.

But the man reaffirmed his stance that he doesn’t want to keep the relationship going since it will impact their children.

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The man argued that a respectable woman cannot be found in a club and at that time he made the decision to buy her marijuana because he didn’t think she was a good candidate for marriage.

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