Man escapes in boxer shorts as he jumps from balcony to the ground after husband of woman he was sleeping with appeared suddenly- Watch

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A cheating wife and her side lover found themselves in an awkward position per a viral video making rounds online.

The man had invaded the matrimonial home of the married woman and started a sekxual romp with her as deduced from the video.

Unfortunately, the woman’s husband, an alhaji, appeared suddenly without any warning. The side lover however escaped in the nick of time to avoid a potential bloodshed.

The woman helped him escape through the balcony of the storey building. She then returned his clothes and shoes to him and asked him to hurry and leave the scene.

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Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has found out that five friends are dating the same guy without their knowledge.

She found this ugly truth after the end of a social media challenge that she initiated. The challenge involves a participant making a request of the friends on their contact list.

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She asked her female friends to send a photo of the man they are dating so that she could post it on TikTok.

After receiving tons of the photos, the lady realized five ladies who sent the same photo of one particular man they were all dating.

In a video reel, she showed the friends who sent pictures and a screenshot of the WhatsApp message containing the images and it turns out that it is the same photo of one guy.

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