Man fights kidnappers in kung fu style and saves his life in the nick of time (Watch)

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A man’s survival instinct, quick thinking, and sharp reflexes saved him from a bunch of kidnappers who were then marching him to their den in a convoy.

The unbelievable story which could easily be adapted for a Holywood movie was first shared by Ubi Franklin, a Nigerian music manager and the founder of the popular record label Made Men Music Group (Triple MG).

Ubi shared the story writing;

Pseudo-Police Kidnappers: A narrow escape!

Take a look at the pictures and watch the video you see below. A friend’s nephew had an ugly scary encounter with some pseudo-policemen at Lekki a few days ago. Let’s call him SO.

Last Friday night at 11pm, he was on his way home. Having just passed Legacy house, just by Konga house, he was stopped by these men who were donned in some sort of black police attire wearing these police caps that you see in this pix and beaming these flashlights in the pix at him to stop his car.

As the civil citizen that he felt he was, he stopped thinking it was some sort of Police check that they were conducting.

There was a black car parked by the side of the road that had some of their comrades by it. Two of these pseudo-police guys approached his car and asked for his papers. He showed them. Then they asked to check his boot.

He flipped open the boot but they insisted that he should come out and follow them to the boot so they could inspect it. He obliged. Still thinking nothing was amiss. He had only his laptop bag in his car-boot anyway.

Afterwards, they told him to follow them to the police station. He asked why but they shouted him down. Trying not to cause trouble, he obliged. When they now asked him to give him car keys that they would rather drive, he began to sense that something was amiss.

Still, these men were about five or more surrounding him. So he released the keys and sat gunshot with the guy in front while another guy enter the car and sat behind. They signalled to the other guys to follow them in the other black car.

At this point, SO knew that these men were up to something sinister. He felt that dread that crept into your spine when your life is in danger. Now his brain was in overdrive. His adrenaline was at its zenith. What to do? What to do? His survival instincts kicked in.

Just then they were approaching a street with about over 7 men standing by the side. A white car was slowing down and coming from the opposite direction. He knew then, it was now or never.

Watch the video below;

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