Thursday, May 28, 2020

Man Freaks Out After Finding Out His Girlfriend Has A Male Organ After 6 Months When They Were About To Make Love

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Now, what would be your reaction when you find out that the beautiful girl you love so much has a male organ? That’s the story of this young man who shared his predicament to the online community. 

This man was really shocked though but still gathered the courage to make love to his girl after which he shared the story online to perhaps solicit for views on what he has to do next.

He wrote:

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“I WAITED for six months to have $€x with my girlfriend only to find she has a penis.

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I met her at a party. She wasn’t the prettiest there but she fascinated me. We spent the whole evening together then started dating. I’m 20 and she’s 19. We took our time to have $€x because she said she was a virgin and I was too.

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When she finally said she was ready and I saw her naked, I was shocked. Then I thought, What the hell? She’s still the same person I love.

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The $€x side was awkward at first but finally, we both enjoyed it.

She told me I was the first boy she’d ever had $€x with. I told her that was OK because she was my first girl.

She’s talked of gender-reassignment surgery but I’ve told her I’ll still love her whatever she decides to do.

What is bothering me is: could we be considered as gay? I don’t feel gay because to me my girlfriend is a girl.”

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