Man Gets Fired By Employer For Missing Five Days Of Work To Mourn His Dead Mum

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A lot of employees will do anything for their employers; they’ll even show up for work when they are not in the best of shapes as far as their health is concerned.

But some often get mistreated with their loyalty and good work ethics counting for less as bosses could fire them any time they so wish.

To be fired or relieved of your duties for taking some time off work to mourn a dead, no less of a person than your mother, is something you probably wouldn’t expect from your boss.

They could pay you less of what you earn to make up for you not showing up

But in an interesting turn of events, a Nigerian man has narrated how a brother of his got relieved of his duties by his employer for missing five days work to mourn their mother who was deceased.

According to him, his brother reported for work five days after his mum’s passing only to learn that he’d been fired and even replaced.

It could have been justified if the employer wasn’t notified but according to the narration by the man, his brother had informed his boss about it but he came back to see that he had to write applications again.

“My mother died this month.

My brother informed his employer and missed 5 days of work.

He went back to work this morning and he has been fire and replaced.

Make of this what you will but when shit hit the fan, is your employer still a fan?” he wrote on Twitter.

A lot of employees find themselves in such situations more often but most times it is on grounds that they misbehaved or took a french leave when they should have told their bosses, but this is quite weird as the boss was told but he went on to fire, and replaced him entirely.

Fair or not? Share your thoughts. Would you fire your employee for missing work for five days to mourn their dead?

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