Man gives kungfu beatings to his friend who invited his wife to hotel for fireworks- Watch

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A man has given his friend the beatings of his life after he invited his wife to a hotel so they could fire themselves in bed.

The man had his eyes swollen while he was been filmed and interrogated for his act of betrayal. The married man could be heard asking him his reasons for inviting his wife to the hotel.

The friend replied that he only wanted to have a taste of his woman, much to the chagrin of the guy who was filming the incident. “Why? Don’t you know she is my wife?

Have I not warned about this before? Last year? Then why are you controlling her again to come and see you in the hotel? Who am I to you?” The heartbroken man asked while his friend replied that they are both friends. “Then why did you do this kind of thing to me? I am your friend! How long have we known each other? More than 2 years.

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You have initially lived in my house for some time,” the man said. The friend confirmed all the man was saying and told him that he had lived in his house for three days. “I and my wife had also come to your house. When you are staying at my house don’t you use to see my wife?

What gave you the interest that made you want to sleep with her? What do you have in mind that made you control her to the hotel?” he asked while the friend was busy telling him that he never lodged at the said hotel.

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