Man hiding in aeroplane’s wheel survives 11-hour flight from South Africa to Amsterdam

A man who obviously wanted to escape the prevailing harsh conditions in his native country and reportedly hid in aeroplane’s wheel survived an 11-hour journey. 

According to the report shared by Pulse Nigeria, the stowaway was alive in the wheel section of a plane that landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport from South Africa.

The fact that he was found alive has shocked authorities owing to the protracted journey and the obvious danger involved.

Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that the man’s body temperature was raised at the scene and by the time an ambulance arrived, he was able to answer basic questions.

A spokesperson for freight carrier Cargolux is reported to have told Reuters in an email that the stowaway had been on a flight operated by Cargolux Italia. Flight data also revealed that the only Cargolux freight flight from Johannesburg to Schiphol on Sunday made a stopover in Nairobi.

Royal Dutch Military Police spokeswoman Joanna Helmonds confirmed the bizarre occurrence to the AFP news agency.

She said: “We were surprised upon finding this man but even more surprised at him being alive after the plane flew over 10,000 [kilometres] in very, very cold temperatures. “The man was found alive in the nose wheel section of the plane and was taken to hospital in a stable condition. “It is quite remarkable that the man is still alive.”

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