Man ‘Loses His Mind’ After His Girlfriend Slept With Four Guys And Reported Herself to Him Afterwards

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A Twitter user is literally writhing in pains this very minute after he shared his emotional story online while soliciting for the opinion of netizens to cope with his predicament.

According to the guy whose Twitter name is Kayode Damali, his girlfriend slept with four other guys and later reported her actions to him boldly like that. According to Kayode, he dropped his unnamed girlfriend at a train station on Friday, to attend a party with her friend, and returned on Saturday to pick her up from the party.

However, during the ride back home, his girlfriend revealed to him that she cheated on him at the party, not with one man, but four men. While sharing his story, he asked his friends to send him hugs in order to withstand this huge disappointment.

See screenshot below

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