Man marries woman because she rejected money he gave her for transport during date

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A love-themed story evoking many GOALS has been shared on the internet.

According to the narrative, a man decided to marry a lady after the first impression she had on him- when she rejected money he offered her as transportation years ago.

According to the man’s friend who shared the story on Twitter, the lady said if she did not have a transport fare she wouldn’t have honoured the date.

The story has become significant and worth sharing owing to the stereotype of women ripping off their men counterparts during relations in every facet.

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He wrote; ” I have a close friend that made up his mind to marry his wife solely because he offered her fare after date & she rejected it, saying that “if she didn’t have fare, she would not have come out for the date”.

It was the first time he experienced that.

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They’ve 4 kids now.


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