Man marrying two wives walks out in frustration after what they did to him

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A man who who thought he was being suffocated by the antics of the two women he was marrying simultaneously walked out in frustration to sustain his sanity.

In a video originally shared by Gossip Mill TV, the women evidently competed to win the heart of the man they were marrying in a colourful ceremony held somewhere in Nigeria.

One of the women gave him wine to drink and almost emptied the whole cup into his mouth, but he had to push it off so he could breath.

Just when he was making sense out of the whole thing, the other woman attempted to plant a passionate kiss on his lips and that was when he he realized he had had it up to his neck and briskly walked away.

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Watch the video below;


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Meanwhile, a man has argued that notwithstanding the prevailing hardship, one must have at least N100,000 which is almost ¢2,000 as a backup in his account.

The man identified on Twitter as Viccetti said if one doesn’t have up to 100k in savings, such person is an irresponsible person or probably useless.

He tweeted,

“If you don’t have at least a 100k savings then you are probably just irresponsible.”

His stance caused a frenzy on Twitter as people share their opinions regarding the issue. While a couple of people partially agreed with him, others found his tweet insensitive.

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