Man narrowly escapes death after his phone case blocked bullet fired at him

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A man narrowly escaped death after his Incredible Hulk phone case deflected a bullet fired at him.

The unidentified victim was shot on October 7 and was taken to the University Hospital in Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Police responded quickly, but the suspects reportedly fled before officers arrived, and the victim was taken to the hospital by paramedics.

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Doctors initially feared the worst for the victim until they discovered that the bullet had not penetrated his skin.

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According to reports, the bullet only grazed the victim’s hip before being stopped by his Incredible Hulk phone case.

According to reports, the man was shot during an attempted robbery in a rural area of Petrolina.

The suspects have yet to be identified, and it is unclear whether the police will continue to investigate the case.

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