Man organises birthday surprise for girlfriend only to find out her other boyfriend surprised her first (Video)

A scene of heartbreak rolled out when a man decided to pull a surprise on his girlfriend celebrating her birthday only to find out that another guy she was in a relationship with has gone ahead of him to the same thing.

The Nigerian man who has been identified as Chris reportedly organised a romantic surprise for his lover named Jennifer who became a year older this August, albeit we are not privy to the particular day.

Chris who wanted to make this day utterly special in the life of his woman stormed the place to give her a surprise only to find out another guy had already landed there with a trumpeter as a preliminary to the surprise he brought along.

The incident was said to have happened on Tuesday, August 16, around the Federal Polytechnic Nekede area in Owerri, Imo State.

It was gathered that the other man who organised the special package for her is referred to as Senator aka Pastor, and they have been dating for more than three years.

Chris was not happy about the turn of events and he instantly created a scene while his babe calmed him down.

A social media who witnessed the incident then took to the internet to share background details about the incident and also revealed Chris walked away from the relationship thereof.

The source wrote; “Chris is my friend and we planned a birthday surprise package – ‘panran ran’ and other gifts – for his girlfriend of five months, Jennifer.

We got to her location only to see another birthday surprise from another man she calls Senator who is believed to be a pastor. We learned that Jennifer and this pastor have been dating for over three years.

Chris was devastated by the news and called the relationship quits ignoring her plea for forgiveness.”



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