Man Pays Girlfriend A Surprise Visit Only to Meet Her With A Sakawa Man, The Guy Gives Him Money to Return Home

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A young man paid his girlfriend a surprise visit only to meet her in the arms of a sakawa boy (yahoo yahoo). 

This story was shared on Twitter by another man and it has since attracted scores of intriguing reactions. According to @Sonjoe_Kutuh on Twitter, his friend who stays in a different city away from his girlfriend travelled down with intentions to surprise her.

To his shock, he found her in a compromising situation with another man, and to worsen his plight, the guy offered him money to go back home for the stress he has caused him.

“My guy gave his girlfriend a surprise visit in Enugu and met the girl with one yahoo boy. The guy booked flight for my guy and gave him pocket money to come back😂,” he wrote.

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