Man publicly begs his ex-girlfriend to take him back as he blames close friends for their breakup

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A young man has taken to social media to write a lengthy post apologizing to his ex-girlfriend that she should take him back and be together again.

The Nigerian young man identified as Lubem Terkula shared a beautiful photo of his ex-girlfriend, Orbunde Member Joyce saying he misses her and begged for a second chance.

The man indicated that they broke up over a trivial issue adding that he blames his close friends for their messy breakup adding that she’s the best thing that has happened to him.

Taking to his Facebook timeline be wrote, “My Close friends are the reason for my break up, am missing Orbunde Member Joyce but don’t know how to approach her after all Plssss advice me on how to have her back. We broke up over a reason so unreasonable, and I have not been able to get over her. She was the best thing that happened to me back then when I was still growing up in this relationship thingy. She was as energetic as I was, always pushing me, always criticizing, very objective, beautiful and classy, very friendly at the same time. She gets so moody sometimes and it makes her so adorable and lovable. Yet we still broke up.

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I met her after she broke up with her former boyfriend. She was extremely difficult at first, making sure she did not fail in passing the message as to how much she disliked guys. However, there was something about MJ, I really liked, her beauty, the flash of her eyes, the laughter, her deep throated voice, open teeth. I just fell in love with everything. We met, talked for sometime, and then after about three months of getting to know each other, she agreed to go out with me. After service months and into the real world.

We had our issues, yes and we thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. 6 months into the relationship, we started getting uncomfortable with each other. She wanted more, I wanted more. She craved more loving and attention, It got so bad that I was simply carried away and over ambitious that I forgot I had a girlfriend, the way I talk to her sometimes in public also was not welcoming at all and I don’t know whether she have found solace in the arms of another boy. Life! We allowed it to degenerate so bad that we broke up exactly a five months to the dated we started dating.

Till today, I still ask myself, why did we even break up? It sounded foolish on our path and I couldn’t muster enough courage to ask her why. We had huge dreams and wanted to be better. She was everything I wanted but then, I lubem Terkula messed up!”

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