Man Punches Beautiful Lady For Snubbing Him, Brags About His Girlfriend Being ‘Hotter’ Than Her (Video)

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An uncouth man with a high sense of entitlement has assaulted a lady in a commercial car simply because she ignored his advances. 

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The man, according to the report spread on the Twitter grapevine, indicates that he repeatedly tried to engage her in a conversation but she refused to respond, this action then angered him and allegedly hit her in the face.

The story was shared by the victim’s friend who narrated how the man got offended by the lady’s blatant rejection and after realizing his ego has been bruised, he hit the lady.

He made matters worst by bragging about his ‘hot’ girlfriend and chided the lady for feeling too proud of herself.

Thankfully, the officers of the Ozuoba Police in Port Harcourt have managed to arrest the man who is currently in their custody.


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