Man puts himself up for sale due to hardship

Aliyu Na Idris, a 26-year-old man from Kaduna State Nigeria, has put himself up for sale in Kano.

The man, who is said to be a tailor, has reportedly been walking around Kano with a placard that reads, “This man is for sale for N20 million.”

The young man has been on the streets for five days looking for someone to buy him, and he told Daily Trust that he did so out of desperation.

He revealed that he first offered himself for sale in Kaduna, but moved to Kano when he couldn’t find a buyer.

He stated that because his tailoring business failed as a result of the financial crisis, causing him to lose customers and become financially handicapped, he decided to put himself up for sale for N20m because he has no other means of survival.

He admits that he is aware that if he is bought, he will lose his freedom, but he also states that he is prepared to face the consequences of his decision. Aliyu also stated that if no one buys him in Kano, he will relocate to a different state to sell himself.

“Even though many people in Kano offered me various prices of N10m, N5m, and N300,000, I refused because the amount was less than what I expected,” Aliyu explained.

“I will give N10 million to my parents; N5 million to the state where I was purchased; N2 million to the person who assisted in advertising me; and the remaining N3 million to the person who purchases me for my daily maintenance.”


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