Man puts his kidney up for sale (₵108,000) so he could raise money to marry the woman he loves dearly 

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A love-obsessed individual from Kenya has reportedly offered to sell his organ in order to raise money and pay the dowry of the woman he loves dearly. 

In a post sighted online, the man priced his precious organ as Ksh 2m which is equivalent to ₵108,000 while explaining that the family of the lady he intends to marry denied him the privileged to marry her until he’s able to pay a dowry of Ksh. 1.5M.

He then added it’s for this reason that he has decided to sell one of his kidneys for 2M to be able to raise the money.

His full statement was captured on a placard which he was seen wielding on the street.

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“The family denied me the chance to marry the love of my life until I pay Ksh 1.5 million.

“I have decided to sell my kidney at an offer of Ksh 2 million. Someone help,” the inscription on the placard reads.


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