Man raises concerns as Mercy Chinwo’s hubby and Banky W greet like cult members

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A fan of Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo who is identified on Facebook as Assam Unwana has raised concerns about the songstress’s husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa.

This has to do with certain gestures he made with singer Banky W who acted as his best man at his wedding to the famed gospel singer.

Assam accused the two men of greeting each other like cult guys in public suggesting that might belong to fraternity groups and questioned his pastoral status.

He posted;

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So yesterday, the Akwa Ibom media community was in uproar after a photo of Mercy Chinwo’s husband “Clawing” Banky W, his best man, appeared on social media.

Many in Akwa Ibom were confused by this image and wondered why Mercy Chinwo’s husband, a Pastor for that matter would display a purportedly well-known cultism greeting sign in public, not just public but also on the day of his wedding.

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One may now ask; why were the mixed reactions to Chinwo’s husband’s way of greeting about?

Is it meant to be weird even if her pastor spouse belonged to a fraternity (such as Eiye, Buccaneers, Black Axe, Vikings, etc.)? Or is it the fact that he is said to be a pastor?

Haven’t we seen, heard, or known of many pastors in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state being devoted members of secret cults who still “Claw/anchor” themselves in events?

Of course, being a pastor in Nigeria today is of no great deal. Anyone can become a pastor, and some already have, including cultists, assassins, kidnappers, drug lords, criminals, Yahoo boys, politicians, witches, native doctors, and pagans.

These things are not supposed to shock you anymore. Maybe, It’s only strange to those who see some of these half-baked pastors as saints sent down from heaven.

Although I’m not ignorant of the reality that there are many pastors out there who were once members of secret cults and had perpetrated various atrocities, more so, they had repudiated their membership since being called to the ministry.

I’m not also ignorant of the fact that greetings for men now include clawing or anchoring, whether they belong or not, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Banky and Mercy Chinwo’s husband had to employ such gesture to shake hands in front of the camera. After all, if he’s a frag man, he won’t be the first pastor or gospel singer’s husband that belongs.

I’m saying this to mean that, that very sign has practically become a way of greeting for many men out there and it’s not so peculiar for members of confraternities anymore.


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