Man receives brain formatting slap from girlfriend for looking at another woman with heavy backside (Video)

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A man who decided to steal glances at another woman whose irresistible backside was vibrating learnt a hard lesson from his girlfriend.

In the viral video making rounds online, a guy who took his girlfriend out to an eatery joint received a hefty slap from her for looking at another woman’s backside.

The unnamed man was sitting at the table with his woman when a girl walked in and strutted to the counter. As she passed the man, he could not help but stare at her behind for a few seconds, this angered his girl who then slapped him and stormed out.

Watch the interesting video that has since caused splitters online;♬ son original – WÏz Jūnior Ūnkt Thār

In other news, a woman who realized that the man she was about to spend the rest of her life with is a taxi driver and not the banker that he always trumpet, hell broke loose.

The woman identified as Jackeline Wanjiru fled instantly from her wedding ceremony to register her huge disappointment. It was gathered that during courtship, the man made her believe he was a bank employee with Kenya Commercial Bank.

However, that turned into a huge fallacy so when she heard that Alfred Musa – her boyfriend of 4 years is a Taxi driver and not a KCB Malindi branch employee, she decided to sever their relationship and ruin the wedding.

According to reports, the wedding scheduled to hold on Wednesday morning had to be suspended after the bride disappeared while family and friends were waiting.

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