Man recounts how his own father used juju to stop him from progressing in life, including being deported from US with only one shoe on

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An unnamed man has revealed how his own father pulled voodoo strings to ground his life and make sure he does not make any headway in life. 

The man who shared his bitter experience in a post he addressed to an online counsellor, revealed the forces of darkness that trailed him powered by his father which even got him deported while en route to the US.

He recalled how a pair of his shoe once got lost in the plane which led to him being deported, but later found the shoe in his family house in the village; a shoe he was putting on while stepping into the plane.

Narrating his weirds experiences, he wrote:

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I am 41-year-old. I’ve really suffered in life but I will list only 2 situations cos I don’t want my story to be too long. I suffered in Nigeria to an extent I decided to travel to USA. The disappointment here and there till I went to mountain of fire for prayer. After the prayer, I was given visa. I was so happy. The day of our travelling, I was on the plane and was feeling sleepy. I removed my shoes and slept off, I woke up and couldn’t find one pair…”

His full post read;

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