My girlfriend just had her 9th abortion, she says contraceptives make her fat and condoms hurt her- Man tells counsellor

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A man has run to a counsellor informing her that her girlfriend just had her 9th abortion and he is grossly worried about her safety.

In a post sighed by, the gentleman addressed her concern to the counsellor named Auntie Susie and revealed that her woman has no regard for contraceptives.

He made it clear in the post that the lady in question said condoms hurt her and contraceptives make her fat.

The guy posted;
“Hi Auntie Susie. Please keep me anonymous. I will like to know What is the maximum number of abortions a woman can do in her lifetime? My woman did her 9th last week and I’m starting to get worried. She doesn’t want to use contraceptives because she says they make her fat. When I use a condom she says it hurts her. When I try to pull out she grips me with her legs. I don’t know what to do anymore but I’m worried. We both don’t want a baby because I’m unemployed. Please help.”

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