Man reveals how his brother’s marriage ended after 6months because he was a virgin

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Isidore Ene Bassey, a Nigerian man, has stated that being a virgin  is not a guarantee of good moral character.

In response to a post on how virginity and character are closely related, Bassey made this statement.

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Bassey asserted that virginity is not the same as character, clearly disagreeing with the claim.

He asserts that maintaining one’s virginity is not sufficient to ensure a long and happy marriage.

He continued by telling the story  of his brother, who had been married for only six months to a virgin but ended the marriage.

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“To whom it may concern, virginity is not the same as character, I have a brother that was a virgin, finished university, worked for years, went to UK, came back, still a virgin, married with both traditional and church rituals, yet marriage could not last 6 months. Parental guidance and instilled discipline is not the same as in-built character,” he wrote.


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