Man runs away from wife and kids after she was wrongly diagnosed with cervical cancer

According to a viral report from Kenya, a man has absconded the very moment he heard that doctors have diagnosed her with cervical cancer.

In the end, it turns out the woman has no cancer at all. Per the publication sighted om, Awuor Olivia, a mother of two from Kenya, had been experiencing pain in her pelvic area and decided to get it checked at the hospital.

A biopsy was conducted and the result which took two weeks to arrive, came back with a cancer diagnosis.

Olivia said: “When the results came back I was told that I had cancer of the cervix and it was at its fourth stage. This meant that I had to just start treatment right away. It also meant spending lots of money on the treatment. I informed my husband about the diagnosis and he left me and my children saying he could not live with a dying woman.”

After her husband left her and the children to their fate, she began to find means of lessening the financial burden that lay before her.

She contacted the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) to figure out if it covers part of the cancer treatment, but her efforts were fruitless. The NHIF declined to accept her medical report because it wasn’t stamped.

Olivia reportedly decided to seek a second opinion and to her huge sigh of relief, the result came out negative. The doctors at the second hospital revealed to her that the pain in her pelvis is as a result of the work she does which involves standing for long hours.

“I had surgery to remove the warts. Then I went to have another test to check again if truly I had cervical cancer and the results came out negative,” Olivia said.

“I am so much in pain because my husband left me because of these results that were not factual. I just need someone to talk to,” she lamented.




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