Man Sacks Lady From His Room For Having Small Backside, Lady Claims “It’s Still Big” [Video]

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A possible relationship between two people took a different turn after the lady landed to see the man after getting to know each other on social media.

The affair between them just ended before they even started to talk about how each other is doing as the man feels he’s been scammed.

The lady was immediately asked to leave the room because she’s having a small backside than what she shows off on her Instagram page.

In a video shared on Instagram, the man posted photos of the lady and compared them to the physical features of the lady.

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He however had a physical confrontation with the lady as he feels the lady has scammed her.

The lady in her bid to defend herself despite accepting being at fault for scamming him on social media explained that her backside still looks good.

The man who was not satisfied with her explanation proceed to give the lady $400 and asked her to leave his room.

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