Man Sentenced To Death In North Korea For Watching And Distributing Squid Game To Students

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A North Korean student has been caught up in the wrath of authorities after smuggling popular Netflix hit series Squid Game into Korea.

The laws and regulations of North Korea are very strict to the extent that it looks very bizarre to those who live outside the country and to even enjoy the freedom of speech and liberty is impossible.

A North Korean student is said to have been sentenced to death for traveling to China to bring squid game video and selling soft copies of the film to fellow students.

He was captured on a CCTV camera watching and selling the Squid Game despite being banned by the authorities.

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The game has also been banned in China but the student managed to smuggle the digital version hidden on a USB flash drive.

Other students who were caught watching the video will also be penalized by serving some months in jail.

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