Man sets record as he married 10 beautiful women same time- WATCH

Online rumours about a man who supposedly married ten women simultaneously have gone viral. Despite the fact that this seems impossible, a video that has been shared to support the story is linked here.

The young man who appeared in the Twitter video wearing white attire married the women simultaneously.

He was photographed after the wedding ceremony with his ten wives, one of them was seated on his knees as they all knelt for the picture.

Even in societies where men can marry more than one woman, the man’s extreme and unique polygamy startled and astounded social media users. See the Twitter comments we found in response to this.

@youlovevally; what can you possibly do with 10 wives? buddy bout to look like he on a field trip everywhere he go

@tonichauntel; I can understand why a woman would want multiple husbands – I will never understand why a man would want multiple wives

@LordComrie; 10 different sets of mood swings, 10 different arguments, 10 different kinds of love languages, 10 different birthdays, favourite colours, ice cream etc. Then boom all cycles sync up at once. lol madness.

@SUPER_UN_STABLE; People like this marry so many woman cause they ultimately just veiw woman as bodies and think “woww 10 different girls to bang!!” And not the TEN different human beings they’ll have to dedicate their life to. Bet bro couldn’t even name their eye colors.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video below;


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