Man shares experience with neighbor’s girlfriend after allowing her boyfriend use his generator

One tweep named Angel Gabriel brought Twitter alive after he narrated his embarrassing experience when he allowed his neighbour to use his generator.

Gabriel narrated how his neighbor’s girlfriend who thought the generator belonged to her boyfriend dissed him for using the device while her boyfriend was away.

Gabriel tweeted,

“So I decided to give this student light through my generator. We have been using it together for months and he has not bought a liter of fuel and I understand that he is a student.

Today I put on the light and was doing my laundry and his girlfriend entered our compound. My guy has already gone to school. The girlfriend walked to my door banging the door and was asking why I should put on the bf generator when he is not around.

No insult that I have not received today. I have been pleading to her that heat was much and that’s why I turned it on. She has already turned off the generator and warned me not to on it again. I have to cover up my gee and pretend like nothing happened. The problem now is my clothes in the washing machine that stopped. I will bear it for this man. The babe don’t even know what’s up.”


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