Man shares letter his mother wrote to his father in 1993 apologizing for offending him

The value of forgiveness and genuine show of love and affection could be deduced from a letter a woman wrote to his husband apologizing for offending him some 28 years ago.

The letter was written in 1993 and shared by Tola Davids. It gives an account of a woman who was feverishly trying to get her husband to accept her apology.

Many have hailed the woman for showing humility by apologizing for her wrong. A value many believe has been missing in modern relationships and marriages where women and men alike do not want to lower their egos.

If only the value of forgiveness could be inculcated into modern relationships and marriages, a lot of separation, divorce and breakups would be prevented and avoided.

Read Full Letter Below:


Duke of Ibadan commented: One love indeed kept them together.the only girl i ever wrote a letter was my principal’s daughter, Na her father read the letter. The rest was history

Tunde Westside commented: The fact that your dad kept till now means that what they had was genuine

Tunde Tosin wrote: Phone and Internet brought flexibility and ease, but took away sincerity. It’d be hard for you to doubt the author of that letter going by the stress they went through to write and have it delivered. And you’d be left with no option than to reciprocate in kind.

Daniel Regfha commented: The above love letter was pleasing to read, brother Sunday tried for the couple; Mgbeke love of the old days are the best, n¤t all these “Urgent 2k & ShopRite” love of nowadays. Shout-out to all my ex classmates who wrote yeye love letters but ended their relationships after 2go.

Darmson wrote: That generation held long distance relationships without everyday texting, exchanging pictures and video call. How did they???



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