Man shares story of driver who came to pick him up turned out to be his wicked teacher back in school who said he would never make it in life

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A man has recounted with a sense of triumph how a driver who came to pick him up after he had ordered for the services of an Uber turned out to be his former school principal who was as wicked as King Nebuchadnezzar.

Identified as Ugly Mofo on social media, the guy said this man demean him and his friends back in school- stating that he would grow old before making it in life.

He was in a buoyant mood saying life turned the table on his principal as he now drives a cabbie before making ends meet while he and his friends pop champagne almost every weekend, depicting that he has really made it in life.

He wrote; “Booked a ride last night and the driver was my wicked high school principal, this man told my friends and I back then in school that we might grow old before we make it in life, guess who drove us home from the club while we popped champagne at the back sit

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