Man shares what his wife did to him after finding out he’s cheating

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A man has run to famed counsellor Adejoro Olumofin to share with him how his wife has refused to have unprotected sex with him because he cheated on her.

The man is devasted because according to him his friends normally cheat on their wives and their wives still forgive, love, respect and cook for them but his own is different.

Shockingly, he said if the situation persists, he will have no option but to employ the services of a lawyer and divorce his wife immediately.

According to the man, he said:
“Hi Joro, Good morning. My wife and I are having a rOcky marriage at the moment. I am ready to get a lawyer and f!ght d!rty if need be. What r¥bbish. if she want to be a w’fe be a w!fe she can not be w€aring wedding ring and not perform her wife duties.

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I ch€ated last year and I apologized,she found out. the whole family got involved. out. the whole family got involved. My wife has always been a seri@I manipul@tor and 3 attention s££ker. She started cr¥Nig like someOne died and dry fasting because I ch£ated.

A lot of my friends ch€at , big deal and their wife still love and respect and cook and clean. My wife own friends there husband ché€at too even but she made a big spectacle. Now she has refused to have s£x with me without cOndOm since January.

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I have to wear cOndOm with my own wife. She will refuS£ to use the same toilet with me. One day i was very angry and w0zz her. She said my children to stOp using same cutlery with me. This is wrOng ,I told her I will do any t£st and she refused she say I will inf£ct her.

When I married her she was jObless and still using techno then. I helped her I know she will t¥rn my children ag@inst me but God will prevail on this matter. She should be lucky I’m not like other men. I know I’m a great husband and father “

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