Man stabs neighbor to death because she disturbed him during a game of Scrabble

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A french man has been accused of stabbing his female neighbor after the victim’s music disturbed a game of Scrabble.

The suspect, Benjamin C, 41 has been accused of killing a student who shared an apartment with him for disturbing him with her music.

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The young lady was said to have invited a small group of friends over to her place to play cards. However, Benjamin who described the noise as loud and interrupted his game went to knock at the door.

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He was said to have pulled a knife and stabbed Romane in the femoral artist leaving her to bleed on the floor. The young lady was said to have passed on two days after the incident.

As the man entered the flat brandishing a knife, Romane said ‘you’re crazy’.

Her friends, who had joined Romane as France opened up from its initial strict lockdowns, chased the man away from the apartment, threatening him with a stool.

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Officers arrived to find the man had calmly resumed his game of online Scrabble.

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The accused claims he had sent multiple letters to the trustee of the building, demanding his younger neighbor’s lease be terminated and even offering to pay to speed up the process.

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He said he had called four times to urge the process along without progress before exploding. 



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