Man sues woman for $2.3 million after she refused to be his girlfriend

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A young man identified as K Kawshigan has sued a lady for $2.3 million after she refused to be his girlfriend following four years of friendship.

According to the young man, he sued his four-year friend over an ’emotional trauma’ he suffered over her refusal to be his girlfriend.

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K Kawshigan who is a drone director filed two lawsuits against his friend, Nora Tan Shu Mei after she rejected him- claiming that the actions of his friend Nora damaged his ‘stellar reputation’ which made him lose 5 business partners.

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In a countersuit, Nora Tan has also demanded money of about 900 Euros claiming she spent on securing her home from Mr Kawshigan and on counselling sessions. She disclosed that she had to install a digital door viewer, am alarm sensor and a smart video doorbell to protect herself from the plaintiff as cost.

Mr Kawshigan initially sued Ms Tan for 22,000 Singapore dollars (roughly £13,700) claiming she ‘breached an agreement’ to improve their relationship, but this was thrown out by the magistrates’ court, which called it an abuse of process’

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Now, however, Mr Kawshigan is suing Ms Tan for 3 million Singapore dollars (£1.9m) in the Singapore High Court for a variety of damages he claims she caused him, including trauma he says he suffered when she told him she only saw him as a friend.

The Singapore High Court has adjourned the case for February 9.



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